Wool Performance Laminates: Nature and high tech for stylish protection and comfort


Becker Tuche and Trans-Textil combine natural high-performance fibers with functional textile technology


Traveling to the office by bike is very much in vogue. It is a bonus when business clothing has a modern look while being durable for all types of weather as well as being ecologically responsible. This is the result of the fusion of fashionably sophisticated design, breathability and waterproof high-tech membrane systems and natural wool, resulting in “Wool Performance” laminates jointly developed by Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG and Trans-Textil GmbH. The two companies will present this joint development at the Munich Fabric Start from 4 to 6 September and at the Performance Days (Munich) from 28 to 29 November.

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At first glance one is impressed by the modern high-quality design, however, there is a lot of high-tech in the Wool Performance laminates, which one does not recognize initially, but clearly feels in everyday use. Classic, high-quality wool qualities and sport-jacket fabrics are combined with functional properties that are otherwise only known from advanced sports and outdoor clothing.


Wafer-thin, highly breathable membrane systems in the laminate composite provide protection against bad weather, but also for optimum wearing comfort. Despite the multi-layered material structure, the special lamination technology from Trans-Textil maintains the flexibility and the textile feel.


The specific selection of lining materials allows the further adaptation of the function to the desired application. Wool, Modal or blends with other natural fibers ensure a comfortable feel on the skin. In addition, high quality wool fleece from Lavalan is available as a lining, while light summer soft-shells can be produced as an alternative. Lightweight warp knits on the inside even make it possible to make waterproof hard-shells that are in no way inferior to the performance of an outdoor jacket and still resemble the look of a suit-jacket. The lining materials can also be designed with an individual transfer print design.


Ecological responsibility in the overall concept

As a natural high-performance fiber, wool is already endowed with amazing properties: it insulates against cold and protects against heat, offers excellent moisture management, has an odor-neutralizing effect, has natural UV protection and low soiling properties. Therefore a natural raw material is effectively used with a positive ecological balance. A particularly sustainable approach is the combination of pure wool or wool fabrics with recycled polyester.


For further functionalization, Trans-Textil relies on its membrane systems based on polyurethane (PU) or polyester (PES), which are consistently certified to Standard 100 by Oeko-Tex, just as all other textile components and processing methods are.


Oeko-Tex certified PFC-free formulations from the Topaz Clean4Green® line are used for permanent water repellency on the surface. The high-quality transfer printing process, in which only the natural solvents water and alcohol are used, opens up a great scope for product design.


Style and performance for every situation

The demands of fashion and sportswear, outdoor, corporate fashion and work-wear are becoming more and more similar. Wool Performance laminates are flexible enough for any everyday situation. Specifically, they provide constant protection and comfort when switching between physical exertion and rest periods, as well as between indoor and outdoor activities.


Due to their unobtrusive function and the noble material design, the textiles are particularly suitable for official occasions and business appointments, without having to sacrifice performance at the same time. The wool adapts perfectly to the ambient temperatures throughout the year.


Another area of application is fabric laminates for uniforms and corporate fashion, for example in the catering trade, for security personnel, airlines, police forces and authorities or in companies as an individual corporate distinctive identity mark. By using the original uniform fabrics, the Wool Performance laminates can be combined with existing garments as a mix-and-match solution and their function flexibly supports the respective work situation. The multi-layer textiles are ready-to-cut: due to the possibility of directly laminating the inner lining, no further inner lining is required and the cutting can be done in a single operation.




Founded in 1927, Becker Tuche GmbH & Co. KG now focuses on the production of fabrics for corporate fashion and uniforms, as well as special wool products.


Trans-Textil GmbH is one of the technologically leading companies in the development and production of functional textiles through membrane technologies, lamination, equipment, coating and printing.

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